Introduction to Permaculture

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Introduction to Permaculture


This weekend-long workshop is intended for the permaculture enthusiast and newcomer alike who share a desire to better grasp the fundamentals of permaculture design for their immense insight into improving our daily lives while creating a better world.

We're all born into the world as natural designers. We design all the time whether we realize it or not. Learn why permaculture is more like the lens than the picture, and why this matters so much in the way we understand and engage the design aspect of anything that we do.

To pursue permaculture is to re-realize our potential as a net-positive in who we are, what we do and how we get it done. It is to learn to see the abundance all around us, use only what we need, and leave it better than when we got there. It is to see the fire that threatens the world and to recognize the importance of being the hummingbird trying to put it out.

This introductory weekend prepares you for seeing the world from a different perspective, through an improved lens, where so many more of the details and possibilities come more clearly into focus. It helps open the faucet of the immense potential you have to make a greater impact towards your goals with the time and the resources you already spend.

Practically, this workshop is modeled after the introductory weekend of a permaculture design course, adjusted

Topics include:

History of the agricultural society

Foundations of permaculture

Ethics & Principles that guide permaculture designs

Assessment tools: Zone & Sector Analysis

Observation & Pattern Recognition

Strategies for applying Permaculture Design in your daily life

Please bring a lunch. Coffee and tea provided.

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