Intro to Permaculture

Permaculture is the conscious creation of a regenerative system
that models the inherent balance, stability and wisdom of nature.

This class covers 12 hours of content that serves as a springboard for making other significant changes in your life by shifting the focus through which you view everything that you do!

Jean's Urban Forest Farm serves as the setting for this weekend class. We'll meet in the newly finished and wood-stove heated yurt, and use examples right from the farm and the land in understanding the foundations of permaculture.

This introductory weekend prepares you for seeing the world from a different perspective, through an improved lens, where so many details and possibilities come more clearly into focus. It helps open the faucet of the immense potential you have to make a greater impact towards your goals with the time you already have and the resources you already spend.

Practically, this workshop is modeled after the introductory weekend of a permaculture design course. Topics include:

  • History of agriculture and the emergence of permaculture

  • Foundations of permaculture

  • Ethics & Principles that guide permaculture designs

  • Assessment tools: Zone & Sector Analysis

  • Observation & Pattern Recognition

  • Strategies for applying Permaculture Design in your daily life