IPEC facilitates learning opportunities for teachers and mentors focused on creating healthy physical & social learning environments for children and youth through educational permaculture design. 

to learn about

our relationship
with nature’s patterns, 
weaves people and place

toward global healing."  

Our values reflect the established ethics of permaculture design, which are based on original wisdom practiced by indigenous cultures worldwide for millennia.

  • Care for the Earth
    We honor Nature as teacher and design curriculum from the inspiration of nature’s pattern language, while advocating for healthy ecosystems and place-based Earth stewardship.

  • Care for Each Other
    We create a learning culture that celebrates individual differences and aligns teaching methods with sensory & social development.

  • Fair Share
    In recognizing the systemic nature of oppression, we apply ‘systems thinking’ (based on patterns demonstrated in a healthy ecology) to inform our action toward justice for the rights of all people and species.  

We are committed to teaching that diversity, inclusion, equal access to resources, and environmental justice are the foundations of true sustainability. We value and prioritize the awareness of and work towards understanding privilege, oppression and the subsequent implications for life and learning.