Nestled along the banks of the Johnson Creek watershed, we acknowledge that this land has stories of people and the more than human world that were here long before our arrival and weren't asked for permission before being disturbed, disrupted, disrespected and/or displaced. We are committed to an ongoing learning journey about best practices toward the protection and restoration of native habitat and about accountability to the social injustices that have been and continue to be inflicted upon native people and traditions.

Jean's Urban Farm is close to the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. Just one mile east of Sellwood, the land is farmed by a local CSA, has an outdoor kitchen, a yurt classroom, farm animals and compost toilet facilities on a wooded site next to Johnson Creek. All visits to this site must be pre-arranged - no drop-in visits are permitted. This location is easily accessible by foot, bike, bus or car, and does require a short walk down a moderately steep, dirt driveway. Please contact us if you have special needs that may require alternative access. This site is approximately 13 miles from the Portland international airport (PDX).