"Starting with just the vaguest idea of permaculture, I took the IPEC permaculture Intro and Foundations courses in 2012.  That week, a whole new vision of what teaching could be opened before my eyes.  I connected with so many amazing people through the course--both the "teachers" AND the "learners."  I'm still benefiting from the IPEC alumni network!"

"The Permaculture For Educators course was heartwarming and helpful for me even though I'm already familiar with and teach permaculture. The instructors are in love with children and this helped me see the curriculum through the eyes of little ones, and thus learn so much more about education for all ages. I heartily recommend this course for anyone who wants to marry the wondrous world that our young ones experience with some concrete education in ecosystem care and repair."

"I'm leaving this experience feeling much more confident in my ability to engage in sensitive situations and dynamics...both as a teacher and in life."

Diversity Training:

"I rediscovered my love of theater at this workshop! I had no idea how powerful this tool could be in getting me to become more aware and activated about the issue of race in education. Now I am considering my life's work in a very different light. I do not think I will be as comfortable in the places where I used to be, and I think that is a good thing..."